QFTahoe 2013 March 9-17, 2013


Program Description
QFTahoe is a retreat/workshop for graduate students, postdocs and faculty who are interested in QFT and representation theory. The goal of the week is to facilitate interaction between young researchers who study relatd concepts from different perspectives. Organized talks will be supplemented by large periods of unstructured collaboration time.

The schedule for the week is available here (PDF).

Daniel Berwick-Evans, UC Berkeley
Sam Gunningham, Northwestern University
Owen Gwilliam, UC Berkeley
Joseph Hirsh, CUNY
Ammar Husain, UC Berkeley
Theo Johnson-Freyd, UC Berkeley
Gus Schrader, UC Berkeley
Shamil Shakirov, UC Berkeley
Sasha Shapiro, UC Berkley
Peter Teichner, UC Berkeley/MPIM Bonn
James Tener, UC Berkeley
Harold Williams, UC Berkeley

Accommodation will be provided at a large rental house in North Lake Tahoe. Contact the organizers for more details.

The workshop is being organized by Dan Berwick-Evans, Owen Gwilliam, Theo Johnson-Freyd, Nicolai Reshetikhin and James Tener. Contact one of the organizers for more details.

last modified: 3/24/2013